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Traditional Malayalam Wedding Customs

We provide information for Malayali (Malayalam) brides seeking to incorporate traditional Malayalam South Indian wedding customs into their wedding.

South Indian state Kerala is one the farthest state of the country. Malayalam is the principal language of the state and people speaking Malayalam are known as the Malayalees. Malayalam language is supposedly one of the toughest languages and many words have found their way from Sanskrit. Malayalam Matrimony thrives with Indian matrimonial rituals, though evolution has changed the age old ways to more flexible customs today.

Malayalam matrimony rituals and traditions are different for each particular society.
Matrimonial traditionalism still holds integrity among Malyalam culture, though Kerala has modified to the comforts of modern life. Primary importance when building a Malayalam matrimony alliance depends on social, emotional and economical criteria. To find a suitable partner for their son or daughter, parents takes on the arduous task of getting the right match for a happy life ahead. A good job, a good status, moral character and reasonable looks are the standards a groom has to match up to.

Malayalam marriages traditionally begin with exchanging and matching of horoscopes. More about the prospective partner is found out by making discreet queries within the community and at times the family deity is also consulted. It is only after finding the initial whereabouts about the respective individuals that the alliance moves to the next level. Family astrologers are consulted to find an auspicious date ‘Muhurtham’ on which marriage will be held. The engagement ceremony ‘Nischayam’ is held by the elders in the family. It is on this day that the wedding date and time is announced to family and friends. Soon-to-be bride and groom are refrained from attending this pre-matrimonial occasion. A day before the wedding, a traditional dinner is held at the bride’s house, where the bride gets dressed in a Mundu wearing flowers and jewelry, sits east facing and savors a five-course meal.

The groom arrives at the bride’s ancestral home on the wedding day, adorned in dhoti and angavastram. The actual wedding ceremony takes place at the bride’s place. The groom sits to the northwest of the house where the bride’s father welcomes him by washing his feet. The groom gifts the bride a traditional saree in off white colour. Malayalam wedding ceremony is very short without any hard religious rituals. The most common Indian matrimonial ritual, the 'Veli' is performed around the fire, with the bride and groom taking circles around the fire three times instead of seven which is common in other communities. The bride’s father than ties a Taali, a yellow thread around her neck, which is another unique thing in Malayalam wedding, as in rest of the South Indian communities, the Taali is tied by the groom. Follows ‘Kanyadaanam’ or ‘Penkoda’ ceremony where the bride’s hand is given to the groom. During the ‘Sparsham’ custom, the groom sits in front of the bride and tilts his head backwards to touch the forehead of the bride. Amidst Vedic mantras, the bride offers Laja (puffed rice) to the fire and the groom then lifts the bride's foot and places it on the Ammi (grinding stone). The groom moves the bride’s foot seven times welcoming her to his home and family. Wedding ceremony is followed by reception feast which is a combination of traditional and vegetarian food. The couple leaves home, headed by lamps called ‘Kudivep’. The bride enters groom’s house in ‘Grihpravesh’.

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