Tuesday, October 12, 2010

South Indian Mehndi Bridal Styles

We feature some lovely South Indian Bridal Mehndi designs, both traditional South Indian Mehndi (henna) designs, and the more contemporary and trendy designs for today's blog post.

Traditional South Indian Mehndi Design

In South India, a circular pattern is drawn and filled in the center of the palm. Then a cap is formed on the fingers, as if they had been dipped in mehndi. This design is used by most Asian elders, as in the early days before cones (similar to icing bags) were available it was simple to apply. It is this design that is used by south Indian classical dancers.

Actress Aishwarya Aai with Traditional Mehndi Design on Hands

Little-known Bridal Mehndi Facts

Many brides believe that the deeper the color of the mehndi, the deeper the love they will receive from their in-laws, in particular the mother-in-law, whose blessing is particularly important to an Asian bride. Hence she does whatever she can to ensure that the mehndi stain is deep. A good deeply-coloured design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. It is common for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the mehndi design; and the wedding night cannot commence until the groom has found the names. A bride is not expected to perform any housework until her wedding mehndi has faded. While much of the symbolism of mehndi designs are being lost some examples remain. The peacock, which is the national bird of India, the lotus flower, and an elephant with a raised trunk, which is a symbol of good luck, are all popular images.

South Indian Mehndi Bridal Designs

Contemporary Bridal Mehndi Design
Matching Mehndi Colors to Bridal Dress Color!

South Indian Traditional Mehndi Design

South Indian Traditional Mehndi Design

South Indian Traditional Mehndi Design

South Indian Traditional Mehndi Design

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