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Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyles Pictures

South Indian Bride from Tamil Nadu - Bridal Hairstyles

South Indian women are expected (traditionally anyway) to have long, think and luscious hair. If you happen to have thin and limp hair, then all the South Indian women about you will feel sorry for you. This is why South Indian girls are taught from young to take good care of their hair, using nourishing oil treatments for their hair so as to keep it thick, shiny and healthy.

Same goes for the South Indian bride - she is expected to have long thick hair. But in today's modern society, it is becoming acceptable for a South Indian girl to cut her hair short - shoulder length hair and bob hair styles. South Indian girls in North America also keep shorter length hair.

But no worries, if you have short hair, and want to do a traditional South Indian wedding. South Indian hairstylists are able to add to your hair using hair extensions.

Take a look at some of the traditional Tamil Nadu bridal hairstyles, to help you decide if this is a look you can pull off. Remember, even though you may have naturally long and thick hair, the stylist usually adds extensions to the hair style. This can add weight to the bridal hairstyle, and not everyone can handle it!

An expert hairstylist notes:

Tamil brides plait their hair to full length and a nice dangling piece made of golden threads is added at the end of the plait. The brides wear various accessories on their plait and on their head they wear “surya” and “Chandra” made up of gorgeous stones. The brides wear “vanki” on their fore arms and mukuthi which shines on their nose, each on the right,left and also centre. The brides are decorated with “oddiyanam” which is the waist band that is made up of gold and many precious stones are bejeweled in it.. Her fore head is adorned wih “nethi” and she wears shining gold bangles in combination with green glass bangles. The bride also wears numerous types of jewelry.

The brides wear their hair differently depending upon which clan they belong to. The iyengar and iyer brides wear “kondu” i.e. they tie a bun on one side their head which is clearly visible from front and it is decorated with flowers and decorated with a special gold accessory

Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyles Pictures

Pearl Head Piece and Jhumkas
The Head Piece Jewelery often gives a Look
of fullness for the South Indian Bride

Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyle
Hair Braided with Jasmine Flowers

Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyle

Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyle
The matha patti is an integral ornament of a wedding.
It reflects the radiance of a bride.
In South India, the matha patti is worn on either
side of the forehead.

Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyle
Tikas are generally worn just below the parting of the hair.
The most common is a star about an inch in diameter.
In Sanskrit it is called “fastened leaf” because in the golden age
it was fashioned as a leaf and stuck on the forehead.

Tamil Hindu Bridal Jadai Nagam Style

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