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Mangal Sutra Thali Designs

In Western cultures, the symbol of marriage is the ring. The bride and bridegroom exchange wedding rings as a symbol of their bond. In South Indian Hindu culture, the symbol of marriage is the Mangal Sutra, or Thali. The Mangal Sutra is a long chain (necklace), usually made with gold, that is given to the bride by the groom. Traditionally, the South Indian bride never removes her Mangal Sutra, Thali, after she is married. These days, young married women wear their Mangal Sutra, Thali, on special occasions. It is also not uncommon for Hindu women to wear wedding rings as well.

The modern Mangal Sutras are also made with diamonds, gold and platinum. See pictures of the Mangal Sutra Thalis below.

The Design of the Mangal Sutra

The design of the Mangal Sutra will vary from family to family as per tradition. For instance, the design of the tulasi madam is highlighted for the Shivite families whereas Mangal Sutras from other families may carry the shiva lingam or Goddess Meenakshi designs.

As the Mangal Sutra lands on the middle of the bride’s chest, it symbolizes that her man has occupied the whole of her being through her heart. The bride in all ceremonies is represented as the female principle of Godhead – the Shakti.

Maangalya Dharanam

The Hindu wedding ceremony has many ritual steps. One of the most important is, of course, when the bridegroom ties the Mangal Sutra around the bride's neck.

The bride seated over a sheaf of grain-laden hay, looking eastward, and the bridegroom facing westward, ties the gold Mangala Sutra around the neck of the bride. As he does so, the Nadaswaram drums are beaten loud and fast, so as to muffle any inauspicious sounds at the critical hour. This is called Getti Melam; as it sounds, the Sumangali ladies sing "GOURI KALYANAME, VAIBHOGAMAY! "

Three knots are tied – the first one by the bridegroom, the other two knots by his sister to make the bride a part of the boy’s family.

The Vedic hymn recited by the bridegroom when he ties the knot, is: " Praying the Almighty that I be blessed with a long life, I tie this knot around your neck, oh soubhaygavati, may providence bestow on you a fulfilling life of a ‘Sumangalis’ for a hundred years to come! "

Mangal Sutra Thali Designs

Mangal Sutra Thali

Mangal Sutra Thali

Mangal Sutra Thali

Mangal Sutra Thali

Mangal Sutra Thali

Diamond Mangal Sutra Thali Necklace
South Indian Wedding

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