Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Designs for Gold Jhumkas

What are Jhumkas Jewelry?

Jhumpka are earring. The Jhumka is styled with the ancient designs of Indian jewelry. Some Indian brides do not wish to wear the Jhumpka earrings on their wedding day because they fear that it would make them look dowdy, or old-fashioned. However, the traditional Jhumpka earring designs are simply exquisite, and they go well with a modern bridal look today as well. And we will show you how some of the gold Jhumka designs can be matched with a stunning bridal look - scroll down for pictures and ideas!

Designs for Gold Jhumkas

Gold Jhumka with Green Stone

22 Crt Gold Formed Heavy Ethnic Jhumkas

Antique Style Jhumkas with Pearl Beads

Traditional South Indian Bridal Earrings

South Indian Bridal Jhumka Earrings

Find out more about Jhumkas Designs

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Blogger PennyWise;PoundFoolish said...

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Blogger ahnn said...

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Blogger Sanjana ns said...

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